Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Study hints at clove role in cancer cure

Al Ain: UAE scientists have found a new mechanism to extract anti-cancer agents from the clove plant, and say the finding could lead to the development of new drugs in the fight against the deadly disease. The agent found in the clove extract is capable of killing cancer cells in the human body. The plant extract has also shown many other therapeutic qualities during a study conducted by a five-member team of researchers at the UAE University (UAEU). The team yesterday presented its findings at the 10th Annual Research Conference of UAEU. "Here we report for the first time the proliferation-inhibiting and apoptosis-inducing [causing programmed cell death] effects of the effective compounds in the clove on several cancerous cell lines," they said

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Scientists have also discovered that certain substances in the environment which by themselves may not stimulate the growth of a cancer can be dangerously activated to become carcinogenic by the presence of one or more other substances. Each of these potential cancer-causing agents is called a cocarcinogen. It is possible that some cocarcinogens are present in ordinary fruits and vegetables, in certain food additives, and in such other substances as the synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol.

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