Friday, January 21, 2011

Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group 'Bag of Fortune' Raffle January 20 – February 20@ Global Village

‘Bag of Fortune’, the 32 day mega campaign starting from January 20, 2011, offers jewellery customers an amazing chance to win 21 kilos of gold worth AED 3.5 Million through raffle draws. Over 200 jewellery retail outlets across Dubai will participate in the campaign which presents shoppers a daily chance to win half a kilo of gold; and a bumper prize of five kilos of gold on the last day of the spectacular festival. To take part in the fantastic winning opportunities, customers need to spend only up to AED 500 on gold jewellery purchases at any of the participating outlets.

In addition to the kilos of gold on offer, there is also an opportunity to win AED 3 Million in cash through a special ‘Scratch n Win’ promotion that is aimed at shoppers of diamonds, pearls and watches. Anyone spending up to AED 1,000 on diamond jewellery, pearls or watches is entitled to one ‘Scratch n Win’ coupon along with two gold and jewellery raffle promotion coupons, thus doubling their chances at the winning stakes!


Duvent said...

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Duvent said...

I attended it and it was amazing.

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Karin Ethan said...

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